About Me

Hunt, Gather, Sustain.

My business motto based on sustaining high quality clothing isn't simply recycling but a real sustainable passion for high quality pre-loved fashions.

My journey began with one step that became a swan dive into the world of like-minded women in a community supporting one another whatever their journey.  I have literally gone to the ends of the Earth hunting for "that" item:  whether it's that perfect top, those jeans that fit just right, those barely walked in shoes or the ideal purse to accessorize your look.

My one goal is to share this journey with you  and provide high quality fashion without the price tag.  So, walk along with me, you may discover just what you're looking for all the while being kind to Mother Earth.

You can also find Weathered Hanger on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Poshmark Canada.

I currently am a member of Yeg Boss Babes located in Edmonton,AB.  You can find me in their business directory.  www.yegbossbabes.com

In June 2019 the KNOW Edmonton book was published and you can find Weathered Hanger on page 49.  You can peep the digital version online http://theknowtribe.com/browse-the-know/edmonton-know-tribe/#browse

The KNOW Book has been carefully compiled by nomination only and contains Edmonton's top 100 females in business from fashion, beauty, business, food & beverage, health & wellness, home & life and non-profit.  I am honored to be featured in the first edition of KNOW Edmonton.


Welcome to the Weathered Hanger community!